Annotated Bibliographies

1. “In South Korea, too many college grads, too few jobs.” The Washington Post, n.d. web. 24 October 2011.

This source of information talks about how one particular leader in South Korea wants more people to stop their education after getting their high school diploma, and go to trade school. President Obama and his education Secretary, Arne Duncan, actually frequently praises South Korea in comparison to America because of the commitment of the students and parent over there in regards to education. With that said, more than 40 percent of college graduates are not finding jobs even though the economy is doing well. Because of this, the president in South Korea wants to find alternatives instead of going to college.

I think this source is useful because it provides some basic information on the issue of college graduate versus finding a job. It also gives a few point of views like how president Obama praises the diligence of South Korea in regards to their education, and how certain leaders in South Korea wants high school to be a stopping point for some. It also lets me know that the government is aware of the issue and wants to fix it. I also think this source is also good in that it gives a good introduction on the issue for when I start writing my paper.

2. “South Korea’s wasted youth.” BBC News, n.d. web. 9 November 2011.

This source also gives information about the issue of education and jobs. It tells that about 80% of high school students go on to further their education, but it has created a social problem in that there is about 6.7% unemployment rate. This problem started after the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s. There is one individual who decided to go to trade school because it was a choice he made, despite what his parents said. The government wants more people to think like him because it would help this issue.

I think this source is also useful because it also gives basic information on the issue. I think what really shines in this source is the fact that it talks about one individual’s choice to go to trade school, and I think it is good for looking at his point of view. This source provides a lot of information that I did not get from the first source, and offers more things to write about.

3. “High performance, high pressure in South Korea’s education system.” ICEF Monitor, n.d. web. 23 January 2014.

This source talks about how education is a high investment. Because of this high investment, they have been one of the highest ranking in the world. However, despite the hard work they do for education, they face the challenge of unemployment. It has even come to the point where they expect to be unemployed once they graduate college. employment rates has even gone down to 39.7% for ages 15-29. this source ends with that they are looking to reform their education system because the government feels like test scores is not as important anymore.

I think this source is useful because it is more recent relative to the other sources that I have listed. It also goes more in depth about the challenges they face, despite their education system, which placed them in the top ranking in the world. There is also a lot of statistical data that can prove to be useful for proving my point in my paper.


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