Censorship in South Korea

There are many different ways that censorship can happen in South Korea and most of them involve protecting South Korea in some way. One way censorship can happen is under the National Security Law which the government can limit the expression of ideas that praise or incite the activities of anti-state individuals or group. For those of you that don’t know what the National Security Law is, it is a South Korean law that was founded in 1948 to secure the security of the state and the subsistence and freedom of nationals by regulating any anticipated activities compromising the safety of the state. The main reason this law acts as a form of censorship is that it forbids the South Korean citizens from reading any anything published in North Korea. Something to keep in mind is North Korea is probably trying to publish reading materials to South Korea as a means of propaganda to try to convert the South Koreans to join North Korea so the National Security Law is protecting it’s citizens from North Korea.¬†Another way censorship can happen/take place is in their public libraries. Examples of topics that are censored include sexuality, homosexuality, violence, anti-government materials, political discourse, and of course anything about North Korea. I think censorship that protects themselves from North Korea is fine since North Korea is a danger to them but censoring things like sexuality is unnecessary and limits the rights of the people for no justification.¬†South Korea is a world leader in internet and broadband penetration but it comes with a form of censorship. The South Korean government regulates a wide-range of the internet may be socially harmful for its people. In the movie department, there are currently no films that are banned which is surprising in my opinion considering they were really strict with their public libraries.