Problem-Solution Research Essay

The first topic that interested me was the environmental issues that South Korea has. I know this issue isn’t just happening in South Korea but around the whole world but I think researching it in one part of the world is a good starting place to solve this issue as global warming gets worse and worse. The second topic that interested me is an issue pertaining to college graduates and job hunting. I think this is a good topic to do research on because I think a lot of college graduates can relate to this and I can also find out more about what I will be dealing with when I graduate.

1st source:

This source begins by giving a brief introduction on the economy about South Korea, and how their economy really started to take off in the 1970s. When the economy started to develop, the government had to pass a few environmental laws as pollution increases. Things like green belt and emission restrictions has improved air quality. With the way the government is handling the environment problem, the country will definitely have a clean future.

2nd source:

This source is good in showing the environmental problem South Korea has and how sometimes, it is not their fault. The air pollution that they get annually is from China. Although the people in South Korea are used to getting air pollution from China since it happens annually, it raises a potential health risk.

3rd source:

This article talks about how the majority of students who want to go on to a higher education have a decently big unemployment rate. This is partly because people who seek to further their education are generally looking for higher-end jobs. Because of that, the government would like some people to go to vocational school as this eliminates the shortage of higher-end jobs.

4th source:

This article also talks about how there are too many college graduates but too few jobs for them. This goes back to the fact that the government would like people to go to trade school or stop their education after high school so this issue does not arise. Part of the reason many people in South Korea want to seek higher education is because it would ensure they would have a middle-class future and the pressure of society builds up.

I cannot really decided which topic I want to choose, but I am leaning towards the topics of college graduates and jobs as it really seems interesting. I think doing research on this can also benefit me in the long run as I am a college student so I can relate.


3 thoughts on “Problem-Solution Research Essay

  1. I definitely think that you should go with the topic on college graduates, that would be so cool because it can directly relate to you! I think that you would have a lot more to write about if you chose the graduate student topic. However, I also think your other topic on air pollution is very good you can propose solutions in helping the people keeping themselves healthier since you can’t stop air pollution. Maybe research some accessories that people in China use to keep safe from the pollution and suggest it to South Korea since they are suffering from the same air pollution? Ultimately I think you should go with the second topic it seems more challenging to propose a solution to, which gives you more to write about. Good luck!


  2. When researching climate change myself or listening to the news or a lecture, I find only a few countries referenced. China, India, and the United States dominate the talk. I would love to learn more about the South Korean perspective. Where do they stand compared to those three global players? Did they attend the Paris climate talks? Etc… That being said, I think you could write a pretty substantive paper on their graduation/employment rate. Unemployment often drives revolutions (Think Tunisia circa Arab Spring) so you could maybe mention that under “implications.” Looking forward to either!


  3. The issue of unemployment would definitely be an interesting (not to mention complicated) topic to cover. A very similar thing is happening in Tunisia, where a majority of those unemployed actually have a bachelor’s (or sometimes even a master’s) degree, but are still unable to find adequate work. I’m sure there are lots of scholarly articles that analyze the repercussions of a growing unemployment rate, but I’m not so sure there are a whole lot that analyze Korea’s situation in particular. Information about the Korean economy may be harder to come by, but I’m sure you can pull something off the web, or if things become too dire, track down a book from the library. Good luck on your essay, I’m sure you’ll do great.


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